Saturday, 23 June 2007

Human cynism

I can't help myself thinking that we are too ignorant or too cynic. Why we don't look to ourselves a bit? because we are humans we can do whatever we want?
I read this article in the local newspaper:
The department of Food and Agriculture has issued a warning on the sulphur-crested cockatoo, flocks of which have been detected at Muchea.
The warning follows the more recent capture of three of the declared pests at Mundaring.
Department biosecurity officer Glen Coupar said the cockatoo was a threat to agriculture, the environment and buildings.
The birds were normally found only in other states and northern Australia, including the Kimberley. The department allowed people to keep sulphur-crested cockatoos only under permit in a double-door aviary.

Ok now the cockies are pests. What about us? aren't we pests? Cockies don't destroy massively bushes and forests, they don't construct big concreted cities and suburbs, they don't pile thousands of rubbish, they don't use cars that goes with CO2, they don't make mass destruction weapons, etc.
If they have to control the population I imagine how: kill them massively I don't think the department will use humanitarian ways like hormonal food for instance.
Poor animals.

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