Thursday, 22 November 2007

Dramatic pictures: emergency stop for climate change‏

Just a few hours ago, Greenpeace activists climbed aboard the coal conveyor and hit the safety switches, taking action to shut down the Munmorah coal-fired power station on the NSW Central Coast, the oldest in the state. As you read this email, our activists are still there. They've already prevented hundreds of tonnes of dangerous climate pollution and are receiving national media attention.View videos and live pictures of our activists on the scene at the coal power plant, and sign our urgent petition.We realise this sounds dramatic, even radical. Yet, drastic action to reduce emissions is what the world's scientists are calling for to avoid the worst impacts of temperature rises. The fact is coal is killing our climate, and left unchecked will cause a social and economic disaster for Australia. Meanwhile, the climate policies both major parties are taking to next week's election will actually see emissions increase.
Click here to sign Greenpeace's major new petition addressed directly to our next Prime Minister - of whichever party. Tell him we're tired of in-action, we're not going to be confused by false solutions, and we're very concerned for our children's future.
There is no escaping it. Stopping climate change will mean drastic reductions in climate pollution, and that means closing down coal-fired power stations. Munmorah, one of the oldest and dirtiest in Australia, would be a great place to start.
The total annual output of Munmorah could be replaced if half the households in NSW switched to solar hot water. And a recently announced wind farm near Broken Hill would produce twice as much electricity as Mumorah - but it may never be built if our politicians do not implement policies promoting renewable energy over dirty coal.Australians are innovators and rise to a challenge - and there is no need to admit defeat.
Help us close Munmorah, and all Australia's coal plants by joining our petition - to be delivered soon. Our activists today at Munmorah are in regular contact and every person who signs their name adds strength to our joint message.
Thanks for taking action, please consider forwarding this call to your friends,
PS: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports this week, and Greenpeace is in Canberra providing analysis for journalists and policy-makers. Our climate guru, scientist Melanie Fitzpatrick, explains the latest IPCC report on our blog.

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